Here are some of my works in the CGI field. The quality has been reduced considerably to save download time.

To avoid real time streaming with the videos, right click on the thumbnail and choose "Save target as" from the popup menu.

Then open it from the harddisk where you saved it.




   Area 51.5... Some highly classified project hidden in the middle of nowhere.

   It looks like a perpetuum mobile but no one knows exactly how it works. :-)






   Roulette... I just wanted to model a roulette but like the chess thing once started,

   I couldn't stop. Later I edited it together with the playing cards animation and ended

   up with this casino video.





   Office... Started with Newton's cradle playing around with the dynamics and

   ended up with the whole office around it.






   Super Car... Not much of an animation. The car design and modeling was the

   main thing on this render.





   Chess... one of my first animations. Started with modeling a chess piece

   and before I knew it I was modeling the whole set and the table.

   Then added a small animation to it. I liked playing with the dynamics in this one.






   Playing Cards... Part of the casino animation but made long after the roulette.







   Piano... The invisible man playing Chopin... :-)

   (didn't spend much time on the environment)







Some high resolution renders.